Circleliner is a constructive professional networking platform where you as a professional can present yourself in front of countless other professionals of your similar background or interest. The core problem we tried to solve it to reduce the gap between professionals and fresher. Therefore, after signing up to circleliner you can find and join the professional community that suits you and can share your professional content like project, articles, podcasts, news, conference or open discussions with your fellow professionals. Moreover, you can start chatting once you make friends on this platform. This platform is a great networking platform for young professionals and industry expert who seek young talent to on board them in their team. Here both parties can present their professional content and get appreciation from others. The core difference of Circleliner from Linkedin is it's global professional communities and the types of content people can share. In Linkedin and other platform you send connection requests to random professionals from different background and interest. The content you share does not have dynamic appearance and types. In those platform your content hides among the clutter. In circleliner you can enjoy clutter free communication with the people of your background. Moreover, you can share your professional content like Projects, Articles, News, Podcast, Conference and Discussion. Projects: From student life you have done many projects. Some of them are extraordinary and if you can share that with the senior professionals before even graduation you can easily get handsome job offers from different companies. Right now you put some of your project in CV but that helps a little in getting any importance. Same way the senior professional can also share their projects to attract other recruiters and enlighten young professionals and contribute to their knowledge base. Articles: These days articles are the best ways to get noticed. To share any knowledge or information we take article as our best way to present us. However, no platform ensures that your article will reach the appropriate audience. In circleliner you can share your articles for the perfect audience and get productive feedback. News: Every profession has something going on in their industry. Standing in the perfect spot anyone can share relevant news. Circleliner provides you the opportunity to share your industry news from anywhere at any given time with ensured audience reach. Podcast: It is a great way to learn and share knowledge. With the growing demand in podcast you can share any interview, lecture or tips from your profile to the wider audience who will find it useful and relevant to their profession. Discussion: Everyone has questions. Sometimes we ask them in quora, sometimes in various groups of facebook, Linkedin or other platform. But due to the lack of proper reach and audience most of our questions or discussions remain unanswered or little view. In circleliner you can start a discussion with your fellow professionals who will understand your questions and can provide a proper answer. With the discussions everyone can learn new things. Conferences: This is a very useful event in any profession to create one to one connection and learn new trends in person. In Circleliner you can attend online conference and share your knowledge or information with global professionals. You can also create seminar event and invite professionals to sign up for the event. When making connections with your friends or people from different backgrounds simply follow option will do. When You both follow each other you can also chat with one another.